We have decided to test out a day that we are open for you guys to come shop straight from our factory. Starting May 24th we will be open on Thursdays from 10-4.


We get that it's confusing that we have a brick and mortar location but you can't come shop from us. We have had several people come by and try to shop from our factory, and typically we just aren't set up for shoppers. 


This spring we are testing out retail hours on Thursday for shopping! We will be open from 10 am until 4 pm for you to come by and shop in our factory!  There are just a few things to note:


1. Our factory is located at the REAR of the building at 1004 Parsons Road. There is no access from the front, so please keep this in mind when you visit.


2. Please use the visitor parking at the front and WALK around to the rear of the building. There are three other tenants that use the rear and the other parking spaces are designated for them. 


3. Prices at our factory are the same RETAIL prices you will find online or at store. Although we use this space for special sales, this is not a clearance outlet.


4. This is a working factory! If you do bring your children please keep this in mind. We have staff working hard to make your garments and special equipment that is on all the time so please keep an eye on them.


5. and the last tip! We do accept Debit and Credit as well as cash, however your debit will not work if you do not have tap enabled. This is a setting with your bank that we have control over, so if your card does not tap make sure you have credit or cash to complete your purchase!


We are so excited to have the space that you guys can come shop right from the factory and we are super excited to have the chance to interact with you in person and get real time feedback on our old products as well as new things we are working on! 

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