I think the thing that surprises people the most about the fashion industry is how far in advance the clothing lines are actually designed. I have to admit. I fail hard at this. 

Being a super small business we are usually playing catch up. If you've ever seen what it looks like backstage at a fashion show that's what it looks like around here most of the time. 

Portage and Main Factory

With that said we have some big changes coming for Fall 2018. We currently have THREE full-time staff working alongside myself at our FACTORY in Edmonton. The goal with having more staff is to have our line READY TO SHIP. That means when you order online the product is sitting here waiting to be wrapped in our white tissue and slid into a poly bag to head out the door. 

Portage and Main Ready to Ship Stock, Black Beanies

This season we are stepping outside of our little grey box and introducing more COLOUR to the collection. We are super obsessed with the colour palate we have chosen and we know you will absolutely fall in LOVE. The fabrics are as soft and organic and just as amazing as always.

Portage and Main FALL WINTER 2018 FW18 FW2018

We are always working on improving. Being completely handmade and not relying on laser cutters or heavy duty equipment, it is a struggle to compete with the big factories as far as details and design. We are forced to design the collection in a way that minimizes theme requires for each garment, because, frankly, we cant afford to spend more money on labor than we are making on each piece. One big change we have made for the FALL is using several different colours of thread, as opposed to previous seasons where your garments would either be sewn in black or white. 

While it doesn't seem like this would make a huge difference... boy does it ever! 

Camouflage Joggers by Portage and Main

We are always striving to improve and bring you the best product ever at a reasonable price in a timely manner. I think we have NAILED IT for Fall 2018 and we can't wait to show you all the new designs!

Trish Reeves