Sunglasses Strap

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Ensure your Babiators are secured and protected with this SILICONE STRAP that helps these stylish sunglasses stay on your little one’s face!
Our ALL NEW adjustable fabric straps keep your Babiators safe and secure no matter where your adventures take you! The fabric strap attaches to the back of your favorite Babiators and the bead on the back allows you to adjust the size for the perfect fit. They'll keep your shades from falling off whether you're walking, running or jumping! 
Recommended to be used with Babiators sizes Age 0-2 and 3-5.
Universal fit
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Customer Reviews

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Janet G
Babiator sunglasses and silicone strap

These sweet little pink Navigator sunglasses are so adorable and durable! They fit my 6 month old granddaughter perfectly and she loves them! The Silicone Strap helps to keep the sunglasses in place.

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Bilinda L
Arrived so quickly

The products arrived in two days. Good customer service!

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Kelsey B
Great gift!

The recipient (mother to be) loved them. I wish I could have added a gift message in the package, but the product was amazing.

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Erin T
Silicone strap for size 3-5 year

We got our son a pair when he was born and at the time they were too big. Once it got nice out again, they are almost too small. They still fit, but probably wont for long! We also lost them for a few months so had to get a new pair for vacation. We got polarized ones in the 3-5 year size and while a tiny bit big, I feel like they fit him much better. He is 19 months and looks super cute with them on! He only keeps them on for a few seconds and unfortunately the strap doesn't work too well with him like we hoped. I'm sure for other less fussy kiddos it would work great though! Very good quality too!

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