Shoosh Ball

By Orb

Stretchy Shaggy Goodness

Pull and squeeze away stress, anxiety, and tension with this fabulous fidget buster ball! The Orb Sensory Shaggy Shoosh Ball provides stretchy, shaggy, stress-relieving fun for hours at a time. Simply squeeze, pull, and stretch the elastic hairs on this durable ball in your hands to help relax, reduce tensions, and increase both focus and calmness. Anytime you're feeling stressed out, anxious, or ill at ease, take out your new Stress Ball and squeeze away!

The Orb Sensory Shaggy Shoosh Ball's compact size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket, backpack, or bag, so when you're ready to start squeezing, it's sure to be within easy reach. Non-toxic and odour-free, this superior stress ball is safe for anyone ages 4 and up, making it easy for nearly the whole family to enjoy the benefits of squeezing away tension and staying focused.

3+ Years


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