Oliver the Bear

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Every cuddle+kind doll is handmade, stitch by stitch with passion and pride in Peru and Nepal. They are lovingly hand-knit, hand-loomed, embroidered and crocheted by artisans using knitting expertise that has been handed down for generations.

Every step in the process is carefully considered: from the unique, detailed designs to perfecting the on-trend colour selection and choosing the finest, natural cotton yarns. Every beautifully crafted cuddle+kind doll is knit with such a high level of quality and care, they’re suitable to be heirlooms handed down from one lucky baby to the next. 


Birthday: July 19th

I live in the wilderness and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love being as fearless as I am kind and roaming the awe-inspiring forest every day. Come wander with me and we’ll leave no stone unturned in this thrilling, interesting world. Let’s be courageous - let’s be kind!

Favourite quote: “Have courage + be kind.”

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.

100% Cotton
Little 13" and big 20" in height, Hand stitched, Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be the ideal cuddle weight, Handmade in Peru using sustainable, fair trade practices, and Safe + non-toxic: US + Canadian safety standard certified

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Wonderful keepsake and special toy for new born

There is no greater pleasure than meeting a new grandchild, nephew or niece into the world and giving them a special keepsake they can also cuddle and play with is a great feeling. When you add to that support for a talented group of knitters in the global neighbourhood and can feed ten children at the same time then a purchase from Cuddle and Kind is a must! Oliver the bear has been my 5th Cuddle and Kind Toy (will not be the last) and he is already much loved by Aidan who recently arrived!

-from Cuddle+Kind.com