Word on the street is your group is doing a Portage and Main fundraiser?

Here is info on ordering from a fundraiser. Want to start your own? Click here.
1. Find your group name below.
2. You will also find the start and end dates for the fundraiser.
3.  Find your CODE below. This will be entered when you check out. Add all the items you would like to the cart and when you are ready to checkout be sure to add the CODE for your specific group (very important!). This will not only take off shipping costs but also make sure your order goes to your coordinator.
4. Your order will be available from your group coordinator about 1-2 weeks after the closing date. Please wait for confirmation that your order is ready before you head to pick it up. 
5. Feel awesome in your new clothes and great about how you've helped out your organization.

Current Fundraisers

The St. Albert Badgers

January 1- May 1, 2019