There's a Unicorn in Your Book

Author Tom Fletcher

$19.00 USD

Galloping glitter!  A unicorn has landed in YOUR book! An engaging new adventure from the team that brought you There''s a Monster in Your Book and its companions.

Unicorns love to sing, but this unicorn isn''t singing because a worry gremlin has crept in! Help unicorn up by using your finger wand and listening to its worries in this interactive book with an important social-emotional message about expressing your emotions. For more read-aloud fun in the Who''s In Your Book series, look for these: There''s a Dragon in Your BookThere''s an Elf in Your BookThere''s an Alien in Your BookThere''s a Superhero in Your Book, and There''s a Witch in Your Book

Tom Fletcher is one of Britain''s bestselling children''s authors (in addition to being a rock star!), and his YouTube videos have been viewed tens of millions of times.