Spider Sandwiches Book

Author Claire Freedman

$10.00 USD

Meet the loveable little monster Max who delights in the most disgusting cuisine alive (or dead).  Max adores sandwiches...sandwiches  of "toenail scrambled eggs", "lice rice", "furry fried bat's ears" and "pickled worms." If it's disgusting then Max gives it an A+ rating.   "He LOVES to glug slug milkshakes,/through a stinky hosepipe straw./ And as for beetle cookies-/he can ALWAYS munch one more!"  This bottomless little sandwich-pit chows, crunches, and digests all the creepy crawlies, hair-infested and sticky, gooey delicacies in sight, right down to the "Mice Krispies."  Yum!  The one thing that turns his stomach....and yes there is one that sends him running from the room, is Brussel Sprouts!  Even to a monster with a garborator mentality this is way too much to bear.  

Max is created as a friendly, happy, curious and very adventurous little monster. You will be very amused at what his most favourite sandwich is and how he savours the taste of it when he sits down every tea time and indulges until his tummy is full.  

This beautifully illustrated book includes much detail and fun vignettes of Monster shopping, sunbathing and having a picnic.  Written in rhyme this book will have your little ones saying such words as... gross, and yuk and no way.... very often as the book is read out loud to them and as they eagerly await Max's next distasteful sandwich concoction.  I am sure he will gladly share with you if you like! 



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