Welcome to February P+M fam! The month to celebrate love, kindness and inclusion. We're absolutely in love with this month's sweet microinfluencers. Here's hoping they'll BE OURS  

Hunter and Ariella

How old are  you? 

What's your favourite colour?
H: yellow and green 
pink and yellow

Which animal is the best?
A: Max! (The family goldendoodle)

What's your favourite thing to wear?
H: t-shirts (we've got you Hunter!)

What is your favourite food?
H: Chocolate!
Chocolate milk
....we're sensing a theme here

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
H: a bicycle
A: An Elsa dress

What do you like best about your family?
H: they take me camping and quading
I love you! (😍 adorable!)

We LOVE these two sweet kiddos, and their bright smiles! To follow along on their family fun check out their mom's Instagram.
Erin Hamilton