We had the pleasure of shooting our Summer 2019 collection at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton with Krysta Shippelt and Sarah Marvo.

If you've never been to the Muttart before (apparently pronounced MUTT-TART, mind=blown) it is a super cool attraction to check out. Most people know them as the weird glass pyramid things downtown-is, but they are four distinct area, each with a different ecosystem. 

We started out shoot in the "Arid Pyramid". I have a love for all things cactus so this was my absolute fav. Even the railings had cool cacti cut from metal.

Muttart Conservatory, Portage and Main


We only managed to make it to one other pyramid, you know, five kids and chaos. Our second adventure took place in the Tropical Pyramid. From the city website:

"Escape to a lush, humid oasis that represents tropical grassland and rainforest."

ummm... yes please when it's literally -30 outside! Well that about concludes our photoshoot adventure. We hope you love all the photos and especially all the clothes. Check out our LOOKBOOK for some inspiration!


Muttart Tropical Portage and Main Clothing Edmonton

Trish Reeves