April 22 is Earth Day! 

At Portage and Main we are committed to sustainability every day, and incorporate it into all levels of our business. From recyclable mailers to low-impact fibre reactive dyes to ethically sourced materials, we are committed to doing our part in making your clothing and our world more sustainable. 

Did you know? We work with Blenderz Garment Recycling to keep our fabric scraps out of the landfill. Blenderz Garment Recyclers is an Eco-conscious creator based in Edmonton, Alberta. At P+M we support the circular economy and keep textiles out of the landfill by upcycling and recycling. Blenderz helps us to do just that! 
Blenderz offers services including clothing by the pound and workshops which upcycle recycled fabrics (like our scraps!) and turn them into amazing projects like bags, foot stools and even rugs!!

Questions about how else we practice sustainability? Feel free to ask! We love to talk about how we are saying no to fast fashion and making eco-conscious clothing.
Erin Hamilton