Have you checked out the hockey collection?

My favourite season is hockey season.
I'm here for the celly.
Raised at the rink. 
If you live in Canada, chances are you play or know someone who plays hockey. It's our favourite sport here at P+M so we have a great collection of hockey tops and bottoms.

We wrangled up a few of our star #yyc players and had a little fun in the rink and on the playground in our P+M gear! 

Most of these reps hadn't met before but kids are flexible and had no trouble hanging out and posing for some quick photos before busting off running together to burn off some energy.

Kolby has been a rep with us for a few years now and loved having his fun loving little personality join us! He's got that model look perfected.

This cousin trio has been wearing P+M gear since they were a toddler and newborns! One of them is known to dig through the laundry to find his favourite joggers. ;) 

And these brothers had such fun energy that kept us on our toes and the camera clicking because they were so sweet.

 We know it's important for kids to meet new people and learn about how everyone is different and how that makes us special.

Inclusion and kindness go a long way!

We had fun bringing these kids and clothes together!

These sweatsuits are a wardrobe staple. Perfect for fall but easy to layer and take off as the weather constantly changes.

They come in all the colours to keep those kiddos happy wearing their fave shade or team colour.

And we know they will stand out and get noticed in all these fun, hockey loving styles.

Thanks to all these kids and their parents for joining us for this fun, (hot & sunny) fall day.

@l.klempner, @ourlifeandtimes, @jolmonster & @kolbyluvchromie

Photography c/o: @ourlifeandtimes

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