Somehow it's already the middle of August. Where did summer go?! We hope your summer has been filled with amazing adventures, good friends and of course family.

We're excited to introduce you to 2 more members of the P+M family, our August microinfluencers. It might just be possible that these two own almost every single piece of clothing we've ever made. We love that they love P+M!

Tanner and Wesley

How old are you? 
T - "Free" (aka 3)
W - 6

What's your favourite colour? 
In a rare moment of siblings in agreement both Tanner and Wesley love the colour red! 

What's your favourite thing to wear?
T: My Canada shirt (Canada is a small town!)
W: The shirt with the llama on the back (Save the drama!)
See what we mean?! These two are the ultimate fans!

What is your favourite thing to eat ?
T: Gummies (after vegetables)
W: Garlic bread

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
T: a cooking set
W: a dump truck

What do you like best about your family?
T: everything
W: they take care of me
SO sweet! ❤️

These mischievous and oh so sweet boys LOVE to play and love their family. To follow along on their many adventures, and to see their amazing P+M collection, follow their mama on Instagram. (p.s. She rocks P+M too!)

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