From the company name to the materials we use to the designs, we are truly Canadian. Our company's name is Portage and Main, and if you are not familiar, it is a major intersection in Winnipeg.

We wanted a name that let our customers know that we are a Canadian Brand but it was also important to us to show our duality. 


To us, an intersection represents two important things coming together. For us those two things are modern and woodsy. We get asked all the time if we are from Winnipeg. We get it. It's a bit confusing. Actually, at first we toyed around with the idea of naming the company Yonge and Queen, but apparently people can't spell or pronounce Yonge Street (?!). We did some more searching and came upon Portage Avenue and Main Street. The word "PORTAGE" evokes images of canoes, upper and lower Canada. Main Street is all about he downtown urban vibes. It's perfect. 


We are 100% based in Edmonton. We cut, sew and design here in Edmonton. We also have two stores in Edmonton- a boutique concept store as well as a mall concept store. Canada is home and we hope our name and brand makes you a little more proud of your home country.


August 05, 2019 — Trish Reeves

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