Happy Spring P+M community! Here's to longer days and more sunshine. As we hop into the new season we're so excited to introduce April's Microinfluencers. 

Delainey and Ryder

How old are you? 
D: 7
R: 5

What's your favourite colour?
D: Pink
R: Orange, no Red

What's your favourite food?
D: Angel food Cake
R: Ribs

What's your favourite thing to wear?
R:  Shorts because I love summer

Which is the best animal?
D: Dog 
R: Gorilla

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
D:  Snow globe with a unicorn in it  🦄

What do you like best about your family?
D: They give me hugs and we have fun
R: They give me kisses and we ride our bikes together.


This family is pure loveliness and heart! Follow their amazing adventures on Instagram

Erin Hamilton