Scout Winter Boots

By Stonz
$78.00 AUD


Please note- in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, boots may ship without box.


SUPER warm & dry: Made to keep feet warm up to an industry leading -30°C / -22°F. The secret is in the removable Radiantex lining that reflects heat back into the boot, as well as with the super strong and insulating 600D nylon. These boots will keep toes nice and toasty!

  • Windproof and Water resistant 600D Nylon upper - perfect for playing in the snow
  • 3Lightest boot on the market: (as light as a phone)


  • Kids hate heavy shoes that drag around and hurt their joints when dangling their legs. We pioneered a lightweight material for the sole that makes the boots unbelievably light (same weight as an average tv remote!). 

Safer for toddler’s playing: 2 times the industry standard for skid resistance, and 19 times the industry standard for sole abrasion. No worries about slipping and getting hurt, especially on ice or wet surfaces when playing, walking around town or hiking. This alone makes them worth it! Now add three (yes, three!) closures to ensure a custom fit so water and snow stay out.
Non Slip Soles so that they have grip on walking, running, jumping on slippery wet terrains:

  • Skid resistance - 2x industry standard
  • Sole abrasion - 19x industry standard

Designed with toddlers in mind: So easy to put on and take off quickly! These boots are comfortable, flexible, and toasty. Kids love this style

  • Extra wide opening so they are easy for your kids to put on themselves
  • Adjustable closure around the ankle to secure fit.
  • Features a reflective strip on the back of the boots for nighttime visibility

Vegan friendly - No animal products used 
Made with care in Canada for the harsh Candian winters

See size chart
Shoes may ship without box as we try to lower our impact on the environment

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Light as a feather!

Second year having Stonz winter boots for my toddler, and these are the best winter boots around!! They are so light, easy to get on, and my toddler runs like there is nothing on her feet.


Bethzy Escalona
Strong AND comfortable

This are the best winter boots for toddlers because they are light, comfortable and strong. My son really likes them as he find them very easy to wear and adjust properly to his feet, as they have three closures, wide opening, and Velcro closures. It is important for toddlers to use a boot that stay secure on their feet and that offers a sense of independence as they can put the boots by themselves. I have bought the same model every year since 2017. They are very safe to use while playing or walking in the snow since they are very light and they are made to ensure that water and snow stay out of the boot, as my son feet are always dry after using them. They are very easy to clean, and stay in a very good shape after the winter time. For this 2020, we will buy a different style from this year collection as we are very satisfied with the quality and unique features of these boots, like the durable 6000 nylon.


Only winter boot I will buy!

We bought Stonz winter boots as we were moving to a small town near Fort St. John, this would be our first time in -20c. We had been given several pairs of snow boots by family members however they weren't meeting all of our needs and my kids were refusing to wear them. When our Stonz boots arrived in the mail we were so incredibly happy. I was shocked at how light weight these boots are! Most snow boots are incredibly heavy and make it challenging/tiring for kids to walk in the snow. These are amazing! They are lightweight, keep your children's feet warm and my toddler can put them on himself. I'll never buy a different snow boot again, as my kids love them. My daughter recently started preschool and the cubby area is filled with Stonz boots (this is proof that these are the best boots). My only wish is they made adult sizes :)


Loved these boots!

My little guy absolutely loved these winter boots! SO SO LIGHTWEIGHT but so warm!! Perfect for early walkers! My little guy wore them all winter from 15 months-20 months! We will be buying again next year! They wash up well with warm soup water!


Kayla Moore

My daughter loves these boots because they are super cute and so easy to put on. They keep her warm and dry and are seriously so so easy to get on her feet. Wish I bought some for my son too. I will not buy any other boots for my kids. I LOVE this company!! My only complaint is that the boots are fraying a tiny bit because of how the velcro lines up, but I contacted them and they are working on that for the future! Boots will still last forever, I have no doubt!