Everybody Says Meow Book

Author Constance Lombardo

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“The messages of inclusion and acceptance are welcome. An enjoyable addition to noisy storytimes.” Kirkus

Everybody Says Meow! Or do they? Fans of Sandra Boynton and of Jules Feiffer’s classic Bark, George will meow, bark, and ribbit when they hear this hilarious picture book about a waggish group of adorable animals that just cannot follow one simple instruction.

“Welcome to that magical time when everybody says, Meow!’ Ready?”

Well, not quite. There’s also a “Woof.” And a “Ribbit.”

A few words and a minimal background can make for plenty of mischief—especially when your characters are adorable, delightfully silly, and probably NOT LISTENING!

Fun, cumulative, and playful, Everybody Says Meow is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers just learning how to read.

“Working in pen, ink, and watercolor, Lombardo’s bright scenes focus all the attention on her cast as they discover that not everybody says ‘meow’—and that more friends make things much more fun.” Publishers Weekly

“This readaloud swiftly becomes a read-along, and little ones will quickly join in with the various animal sounds. A final comic punch will leave listeners giggling and wanting more.” Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books


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    My son's first favorite book!

    This book will always hold a special place in my heart! My first child has been a book lover like me from day one... my son has not...UNTIL this book at age 17 MONTHS (it took that long!)! This book just spoke to him! Borrowed it from the library, and it is the first book that he will get out of our book bin every single time. Had to renew it until we were maxed out of our renewals, and then (very happily) had to get him his own copy! He giggles at all the right places and it always makes him laugh. When I tell him to get "Everybody Says Meow," he'll go find it with a big smile. I LOVE IT!
    -From Amazon.ca