Factory Sale With A Twist

Factory Sale With A Twist

We are teaming up with K-Lee Boutique & KEYLIME athletic wear to bring you a factory sale like no other!
January 17, 2023
Surprise! It's twins!-Portage and Main Blog

Surprise! It's twins!

The space features the same ethically produced inventory as its twin store with a bit more sales items. Because we have different staff at each store, you'll get to experience different merchandising and displays
April 26, 2019
Birth Announcement: South Edmonton Store-Portage and Main Blog

Birth Announcement: South Edmonton Store

Portage and Main is pleased to announce the birth of our first twin store in Edmonton, carefully tucked away in Ellerslie Landing. With a quick and smooth arrival, our south store opened for business on April 15 with a lot of hard work to assist in the process! We think she’s pretty cute!
April 19, 2019