Factory Sale With A Twist

Factory Sale With A Twist

We are teaming up with K-Lee Boutique & KEYLIME athletic wear to bring you a factory sale like no other!
January 17, 2023
Surprise! It's twins!-Portage and Main Blog

Surprise! It's twins!

The space features the same ethically produced inventory as its twin store with a bit more sales items. Because we have different staff at each store, you'll get to experience different merchandising and displays
April 26, 2019
Birth Announcement: South Edmonton Store-Portage and Main Blog

Birth Announcement: South Edmonton Store

Portage and Main is pleased to announce the birth of our first twin store in Edmonton, carefully tucked away in Ellerslie Landing. With a quick and smooth arrival, our south store opened for business on April 15 with a lot of hard work to assist in the process! We think she’s pretty cute!
April 19, 2019
Our Hockey Joggers are ONE!-Portage and Main Blog

Our Hockey Joggers are ONE!

Our absolute favourite feature of these pants is the faux drawstring. Did you know our hockey skate lace drawstring actually came before our plain ones?? We found a super cool company in Toronto Ontario that actually manufactures hockey skate laces in their factory here in Canada.
October 24, 2018