Our brand is both modern and woodsy. When it came to rebranding, we wanted to find a way to show you, our audience, our two sides.

The challenge was how to connect the two in a meaningful way that aligned with our business goals and values.

We spent months developing our brand and we are very excited to finally reveal it to you.

Park Avenue Communications

We have kept a modern logo and packaging. Our tags are modern looking but made our of a very earthy feeling kraft paper.

This season we decided to do two separate collections- one more woodsy and one more modern. The RINK collection is our modern collection. It is monochromatic and the shirts have modern lettering. The BANFF collection is colourful with woodsy prints on the shirts and fabrics. 

We have taken a challenge of merging two styles into one cohesive brand and put together not now, but two collections we know you will love.

Patricia Reeves