We are ready for summer and it's a great time to grab a new book to share with the kiddos. We are excited to share with you a new book each month that will be available in store and online at 50% off!  

The Great Realization 

by Tomos Roberta

This book is a post-pandemic bedtime tale first performed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic as an inspiring poem, with its message of hope and resilience
The art work by Nomoco on the pages of this book is beautiful, simple and matches perfectly with the words being read.
We asked our long time brand reps Delainey (8) and Ryder (6) read this book together and answer some questions about this book!
If you could give the book another title, what would it be?
D: Staying home
R: Covid times
Was there one big lesson you took away from this book?
That covid came and it was really bad. But we did stuff that was good too so it was ok to stay home. We did lots of art.
What do you think the author wants readers to remember most from this book?
That we stayed home for a long time and some was boring but it was also good. We looked after each other so we didn't get sick.

Would the book make a cool movie? TV show?

We think it would be a good TV show. Especially with all these pretty pictures and the man who wrote it has a nice voice too so he could talk.

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