We had so many wonderful entries, here are some that stood out! 
Megan N. - Baby Fireman

Re-create this costume using our Maroon Joggers and Maroon Hoodie!

Cherry C.- Nurse 

Sophie H. - Energizer Bunny 

 Re-create this costume using our Pink Joggers and Pink Hoodie!

Jodi R. - Zombie 

Erin D.M. - Ewok 

Sarah F. - Star Wars Trio! Leila, Chewy and Darth Vader

Amanda S. - Turkey 

Crystal J. - Space Jam Crew

Tori D. - Dr. Seuss' Knox in box

Re-create this costume using out Gold Joggers and Gold Hoodie!

Kelsey T. - Baby Yoda 

Our P+M pieces can easily be transformed into creative Halloween costumes and continue to be worn even after spooky season is over!  

Check out some of our favourite clothing-to-costume transformations below:

Skull Shirt  + Bandana Bib + Eye Patch → Pirate

Black Joggers + Black Hoodie + Black Beanie + DIY Eye Mask→ Robber

Lake Watch T-shirt + Black Shorts + Fanny Pack + Whistle → Lifeguard

Planning a P+M Halloween costume? Tag us @prtgandmain on Instagram so we can see your creative creations

Our Favs