Happy New Year! We're so excited for 2022. New designs, new colours, and new spins on your favourite classic P+M pieces. Keeping you comfy, cosy and oh so stylish all year long. Speaking of stylish - check out our January microinfluencers. All FOUR of them! 

Dalton, Brayleigh, Kendrix, and Henner

How old are  you? 
D: 10

What's your favourite colour?
D: Pink
B: Pink
K: Blue
H: Yellow

Which animal is the best?
D: Red panda
B: cat
K: dog
H: owl

What's your favourite thing to wear?
D: hoodies
B: dresses
K: anything with Mario on it
H: jammies

What is your favourite food?
D: California rolls
B: Shrimp tempura
K: Donuts (Kendrix we are fully on board!)
H: veggie straws

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
D: my own gaming setup (ahhh the oldest - always has to share!)
B: cats
K: Mario Odyssey
H: probably an unlimited supply of milk 

What do you like best about your family?
D: that we all love each other
B: they all care about me
K: my mom plays with me
H: everyone takes care of me 😂

How fun and sweet are the Mavins? We love having their smiling faces as part of our community. To follow along on their family fun check out their Instagram.

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