We love any reason to be festive and themey! Here are our favourite goods for Holidays 2022

OMG Pop Rockers and Bubble Blobbies

Obviously these are just too cute- but they are also amazing for sensory play.


P + M Holiday Sweatshirts

New this year you can find our clever and comfy holiday themed tees and sweatshirts. The are perfect for family photos but i promise you will want to wear them all the time!


Itzy Ritzy Boss Bags

While not really a holiday themed item these make a perfect gift. Great for a new mom (or yourself!). Santa's Elves really worked overtime creating the perfect bag.


Squid Socks

These designs are just too cute! They are amazing because they actually stay on- but please read the safety info to make sure hey are right for your little babe.


New Holiday Toques

Brand new this year we are carrying Huggalugs Toques. They have the most adorable designs. You will love these for the whole family.

Our Favs