Fashion Revolution week happens every year in the week surrounding the 24th of April. This date is the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza collapse.

Rana Plaza, a building in Bangladesh, housed a number of garment factories, employing around 5,000 people. The people in this building were manufacturing clothing for many of the biggest global fashion brands. More than 1,100 people – mostly young women – died in the collapse and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. 

No one should die for fashion.


About our Tees and Adult Sweatshirts:

At BELLA+CANVAS, we do things differently. Every one of our styles that are produced overseas are fair trade (we’re also always in contact with these factories to ensure they’re following our ethical policies), and we produce over 10 million garments each year in the United States. We are WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), which means we treat every one of our employees with dignity and respect, and are constantly aware of our environmental impact. A tough accreditation to receive, WRAP certifies its suppliers based on twelve principles which range from health and safety to environment to the prohibition of forced labor. We’ve received a platinum certification, the highest level possible!


From our fabric producer:

Our fabrics are made with low-impact fiber reactive dyes.

The big difference between using traditional/synthetic dyes vs low impact fiber reactive dyes is that these dyes are free from heavy metals, chemical mordants, AZO’s, and the dyeing cycle is shorter than that for other dye processes, meaning lesser requirement of water, salt and chemicals are needed¹.

One way to rest assured that the fabrics you buy are made with low-impact dyes is by looking for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ label, which is one of the “world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances” – learn more.

We are proud to have a broad collection of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® Certified fabrics and take the work we do seriously by constantly prioritizing quality and excellence from our partners to achieve the standards of environmental and social compliance that we strive for.






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