You made it to the weekend! We've teamed up with Natasha from Baby Footprint, a small business located in Sylvan Lake that specializes in cloth diapering, and asked her our most pressing questions about cloth diapering to bring you a quick guide to ditch the disposable! (And a rad giveaway, details at the end!) 

1. What are the different types of cloth diapers? Are some more beneficial to use than others? 

There are numerous types of cloth diapers:
-All In Ones have waterproof outer and absorbent inner all in one piece. They are simple to use and most similar to a disposable. Downside is they are pricier than other styles, and not very customizable for absorbency.
-All In Twos are a waterproof outer, and a replaceable inner absorbent part. Covers and Prefolds are an example, and Hybrids. They’re great for lowering the cost (can use the cover more than once, so you don’t need to buy as many) and also reducing the amount of laundry you're doing. Plus you can customize how much absorbency you add. The downfall of  these is there are parts and pieces to put together, so simplicity isn’t the key.
-Pockets are similar to an All in Two, but you “stuff” the absorbency into the waterproof outer. They have similar benefits and cons as an All In Two system.
-Fitteds are just an absorbent diaper. You then need to add a waterproof outer cover - either a PUL cover, or a Fleece or Wool Cover. They're beneficial as they are breathable and usually very absorbent, but you have parts and pieces that need put together, and can be pricey as well.
All require the same wash routines, the only difference is once washed and dried, some are easier to put back on the shelf (all in ones) than others take a bit longer (pockets require stuffing, all in twos need matched up etc).

2. How much money can one expect to invest in cloth diapers? How does this compare to disposables?

Depending on which style of cloth diapers you chose, or if you pick a variety of styles, you can expect to spend between $500-1000 in a full stash of diapers and the necessary accessories (wet bags, cloth wipes, liners or sprayer)
Disposable diapers will cost upwards of $2000 for one child (that doesn’t include disposable wipes) as the approximate amount used for 30 months of diapering is over 7000 diapers. 
Cloth diapers can be used for multiple children, and even sold for about half your investment when you’re done with them! 

3. Can I really just put these in my washer? Won't it be disgusting? 

Not disgusting at all! Washers are made to wash the dirtiest of laundry. First do a pre-rinse in cold to get rid of most of the soil, then wash on a heavy duty hot wash with a good detergent! Its simple and easy! Once they’ve been pre-rinsed, and washed, your washer will be just as clean as after a regular clothing load.

 4. I've heard of "stripping" cloth diapers, what is this and is it necessary?

Stripping your diapers is done if your diapers start to stink or not absorb properly, or give your little one a rash. With a good wash routine, you wont need to strip them! 
Your diapers can build up residue - either minerals from washing, detergents, or soil that isn’t removed properly.
There are products on the market to help “strip” the diapers, to make it a simple process if you run into this endeavour.

5. How many cloth diapers should I buy to prepare for my baby's arrival?

Newborns will use approximately 12 diapers a day. In order to wash every second to third day, a “stash” of 36 diapers would be recommended. (Need to have clean ones while the others are being washed!)  
As baby gets older, they’ll use less diapers throughout the day. The more you have, the less wear and tear they’ll get on them too. If they’re being washed daily, it can wear out the elastics and waterproof layer (PUL). By having a larger stash of diapers, you can be sure to not have them wear out, and be able to use on future children. 

6. What is the bestselling cloth diaper at Baby Footprint?

Currently the best selling cloth diaper is the MotherEase Wizard Uno, which is a One Size diaper that is INCREDIBLY thirsty with absorbency. It is also an All in One diaper made in Canada!

7. Is there classes for this/will the store take me through how to use the diaper brand I choose? 

We currently haven’t scheduled cloth 101 classes, but will be looking to do some in the future. BUT we do personalized 1 on 1 consultations (zero pressure to buy and no cost to you). We can show you the different styles of diapers, the different brands, and help answer any questions you have. I have had personal consultations in my home here with our inventory, and I have also packed up a bin and gone to customers homes, so they can be comfortable with their new baby or other children.

8. Are there any other things I need to start cloth diapering? 

Definitely suggest a few wet bags, so when out and about you have somewhere to put dirty diapers, as well as 2 large ones for at home. One to store the dirties in, and one to have ready for when one is being washed. 
Cloth wipes are a huge benefit to use, they’re simple to use, and you’re already washing diapers, so might as well wash wipes too!
When the child starts solid foods, or is formula fed, you’ll need to dispose of the poop before washing - a sprayer to spray it into the toilet is great, or disposable liners to “catch” it are handy too.

9. In your experience, what are the top 3 reasons parents choose cloth over disposables?

1: saving money!
2: saving the environment!
3: less chemicals against your little ones delicate skin!
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