Happy holidays P+M fam! It's hard to believe another year has flown by. We've been so thrilled to see so many of you in-store and at our warehouse sales these past 12 months. Just in time for Christmas we're thrilled to introduce two of the cutest P+M elves - our December microinfluencers! 

Kairi and Aria

How old are  you? 
K: Almost 3

What's your favourite colour?
K: Blue
A: Green

Which animal is the best?
Our puppies!

What's your favourite thing to do
Go to Grandma's house!

What is your favourite food?
K: Hashbrowns 
A: Strawberries

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
An airplane to go to the beach  ✈️  ☀️ (P+M staff note: can we come?!

What do you like best about your family?
Daddy. And dance parties together! 

How lovely are these girls? We love having their family as part of our community. To follow along on their family fun check out Kairi's Instagram.

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