I absolutely LOVE Christmas movies! Every year around this time I pretty much have Christmas movies playing all the time. If you've been in the stores lately you may have notices one playing on the shoe wall as well. I have decided to compile a list of my favourite movies to watch around Christmas time. If you haven't seen one (or more) of these movies, make sure you carve out some time this holiday season to pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy.

The Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

This was one of my favourite movies growing up, and it is
still as magical as an adult (if not, more so!)
Mara Wilson

Pitch Perfect 2

I think the best part of this movie is Snoop Dogg and
Anna Kendrick singing together. Holiday magic!
Pitch Perfect 2

The Holiday

What I love about this movie is it doesn't follow some typical plot of a Christmas movie. It is very easy to relate to and the old man is just the cutest.

Love Actually

I have probably seen this movie 100+ times. If you haven't seen it yet- stop what you are doing and go watch it now!


I love John Cusack in any movie really, but this movie is smart and cute and everything you would want in a holiday movie.

The Night Before

While this is not exactly a traditional Christmas movie, it will soon become a favourite. Catch it on Netflix this season and enjoy the great music and cameos.



This one is definitely not for the kiddos. If you like smart heist movies this is definitely for you. It tends to be on TV a lot this time of year, but if you don't happen to catch it there you can also stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

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