At P+M we spend time thoughtfully reflecting on what good design means to us. We think about how we can bring new items and designs to our customers that reflect who you are, what you believe in and what you love. We're excited to go "behind the design" with you, and share how our pieces came to life! 

First up, two of our new summer 2021 designs!


Both designs were created to play into your sense of nostalgia. As with all designs from Portage and Main, these two have several meanings and are also made so that you can infer your own meaning.

Our "Mommy Says Relax" design was inspired by and designed to mimic the retro shirt that says "Frankie says Relax". You may remember it from that episode of Friends!!

The "Chill Out" design features a red white and blue design similar to the firecracker popsicles (also known as rocket pops) from our childhood. We don't know about you but we can practically taste that treat when looking at this shirt!!

But both of these also have a deeper meaning. The sayings were inspired by owner and chief designer, Trish's son Nixon who struggles daily with ADHD. Trish shared: "Growing up with the disorder myself, I feel as though I can understand more than most what Nixon experiences daily."

One of the consequences of "hyperactivity" is having teachers, parents, family telling you constantly to CHILL OUT or RELAX, despite the inability for most kids with hyperactivity to control their energy levels. Although no kid in the history of ever has chilled out by being told to chill out, gentle reminders are helpful to help them consider their actions that are within their control. 

That's the story behind these designs. Both are available in store and online now. We hope you love them as much as we do! 

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