Meet Lindy - she does it all! Working at our Kingsway Mall store, our Ellerslie store, and running our P+M Facebook page, Lindy is excited to help you find the perfect outfit whether you are visiting in-store or checking us out online!
This week we are excited to introduce...



Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I’m more of a morning person. 


Coffee or tea?
Iced Capps, haha! I hate actual coffee.


Favourite P+M product?
I love the pug or the skull raglans 


What made you want to work at P+M?
I enjoy that they are a local business. I also always enjoyed retail and helping people. 



Who inspires you?
My older at sister Lacey inspires me. She’s a single mom of three and doing an amazing job at it while working full time to provide for them. 


Fun fact about you?
I have a Bachelor or Arts in Environmental Studies. Additionally, I have 10 years of Road Building Experience and running equipment. 


Come say hi to Lindy at either of our Edmonton locations and check out all of the amazing work she is doing on our Facebook page!

Jessica Dugan