It's Summer! There's playoff hockey, school's almost done and the weather is getting better all the time. We've got so many amazing pieces in store right now - ready to brighten up your summer and keep you looking and feeling cool. But for now we have the absolute pleasure of introducing our microinfluencers for June! 

Bexzen and Tavis

How old are you? 
T - Two
B - Six

What's your favourite colour? 
T- Pink 
                 B - Black                  

What's your favourite thing to wear?
T - Shirts with hoods (we got you Tavis!!  👍)

Which is the best animal?
B - Tiger

If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
B - Blue Cake (oh toddlers we love you!😂)
T - A police car

What do you like best about your family?
T - That they love me 

These two are quite the pair - and we can't get enough of their antics!  Follow their fun and adventures through their mom on Instagram.

Erin Hamilton