Influencer: a person or thing that influences another
"They are a huge influencer of taste"

Microinfluencer: same, but smaller.

We're so excited launch our new series and to introduce you to some of the Microinfluencers from our P+M community. 

Meet Briley, Aaralee and Finley!

How old are you?
Aaralee: 6 and a half
Briley: 5 next month!
Finley: 21 months - thanks for the help mom!

What's your favourite color?
A: pink and gold
B: orange and blue


What's your favourite food?
A: ice cream and cotton candy 

Which is the best animal?
A: unicorn!!
B: Dinosaurs and unicorns


What's your favourite thing to wear?
A: Umm... it’s too hard to pick!

What do you love about your family?
B: You and daddy let us watch TV








If you could buy anything in the world what would you buy?
B: macaroni boxes.




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