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It all starts with styling and taking really great photos. The difference between good and great usually isn't how expensive the clothes are, or how symmetrical a face is, it comes down to having a great eye and great editing skills. 
Next week at Kingsway Mall we are hosting our first ever Model Search. Usually we are on Instagram, sorting through feeds, looking for moms who have a great eye for capturing their kids. This time is a little different! We will have our staff photographer on site as well as Krysta Shippelt and they will be taking the photos of your littles.

Here are some tips for aspiring "mini" models:


Let them be themselves!
We love to see personality come through in the photos. What you will notice with the majority of our shoots is that we LOVE candid photos of kids playing and being themselves. We think it is great when they are carrying as loved teddy bear or have a cool cowlick. 


Relax mom and dad!
Kids can sense your stress and won't relax themselves. We all want our kids to succeed in everything they do, but so many things are out of our  control. Have a namast'ay moment. Have a sip of coffee.


Dress for success! 
Make sure your kids are wearing something they are comfortable and confident in. Basics are best to make sure your kid is the focus and not what they are wearing, but with that said it is always good to show a bit of personality in your outfit choice.


Clean it up!
Nothing ruins a perfect photo like a spill on a shirt, a temporary tattoo or a face that needs a wipe. These things can be difficult to edit out and let's face it, kids are less cute when they are messy or wearing dirty clothes. 


And last but not least, tame that hair!
Long Curly Hair
When selecting models we always consider their hair. This is something that isn't easy for us to change. We can style it, put a hat or headband on, but for the most part, the colour and length is what it is. Take an extra minute to style your kid's hair before showing up for a model call or shoot. If its a bit chilly out and they will have a hat on, pack some extra gel or hairspray in your purse. 
Now that you have all of our tips, make sure you RSVP to the Portage and Main Model Search! We will also be looking for new Instagram Reps soon, so be sure to follow us for that info.

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